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Meet the Team Group

Design Thing are a collection of talented creative professionals working from their studio in sunny Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

With over 30 years combined experience (and an ever growing team of talented creatives) we have worked on a number of projects for clients both small and large. We always endeavour to create eye catching work that's tailored to suit each client individually, be it through graphic design, printed media, websites or marketing.

Stuart Rodwell | Creative Director / Print Manager

Stuart Rodwell

Creative Director

All we know about Stu is that he’s passionate about design, typography and just generally making things look good. With over 15 years industry experience Stu has worked on many projects for many clients, being able to adapt to a range of differing client requests and briefs.

Sam Bishop | Director / Marketing / Developer

Sam Bishop


With over 10 years industry experience, Sam is an expert at developing the technical mumbo-jumbo that goes on behind the pictures you see on your computer screen. With an initial background in digital marketing, Sam has combined this with his web development expertise to ensure a smooth and engaging user experience for your clients when they browse your website.

Alex Vickers | Frontend Developer

Alex Vickers

Lead Frontend Developer

Baby faced Alex has quickly earned his stripes over the past few months and has formed a great partnership with Aaron in working on website projects and maintenance.

Oliver Smith | Graphic Designer

Oliver Smith

Graphic Designer

With his meticulous eye for detail, dry sense of humour and diverse creative range, Oli is the perfect fit for the Design Thing team.

Lisa Prewer | Accounts

Lisa Prewer

Accounts & Payroll

Lisa keeps the Design Thing finances running smoothly and is tasked with the job of making sure all the invoices are paid on time. So be sure to make sure your invoices are paid on time or she'll be on your case!

Ali Laraaj | Server Manager

Ali Laraaj

Server Management

Ali manages our servers where we host all our client’s websites and emails. With his command line wizardry he keeps everything up to date, secure and running efficiently.