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SEO Packages Essex

SEO is the practice of organically promoting your website to the top of search engine rankings for your targeted keyword phrases.

To achieve this, we use a wide range of practices to make sure that search engines understand the services/products that you offer and display your website as high in their rankings as possible for the keyword/keyword phrases of your choice.

We make sure that all of your web pages and content are completely tailored to your keyword search terms - making it as easy as possible for search engines to understand the products and services that you're advertising and hopefully list your website at the top of their search results.

Some practices you’ll see implemented on to your web pages, some you will not, as we’ll also be optimising the witchcraft that runs behind your website.

A more in-depth look

Logo Design Essex

Campaign Setup

Initial consultation to discuss your target keywords and analyse your current SEO standings.

We'll also make sure that your website content is engaging and your site is easy to browse.

Website Design Essex

On-page Optimisation

Getting your website up to scratch! We optimise your website using various practises to ensure all of the search engines are totally clear on exactly what services or products you are offering.

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Speed and Image Optimisation

Image optimisation and site speed go hand-in-hand. Google favours a fast loading site so we make sure that all images on your site are optimised to be the smallest file size possible. This in turn enables faster page load times.

Website Hosting Essex

Monthly Reporting

You'll be kept up to date with monthly reports. We'll send you detailed traffic analysis, what pages on your site gets the most exposure and which pages people leave most on.

Also, we'll send you details of your keyword rankings.

How can we help with your SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a complex service which doesn’t happen overnight. We strive to use our experience to get your website to the top of search engine rankings as quickly as possible

First and foremost, we’re not miracle workers, we can’t control Google or the other search engines. But what we can promise is that your website will be optimised so your target keywords will rank as high as possible in search engine results.

The best thing that we can say, is that we’ll do everything to your website that we’ve done to our own site. Our website is on the first page of Google for many keyword terms (which is probably how you found us!).

This isn’t an overnight fix, usually this process takes between 6 - 18 months (dependent of how saturated the search terms are).