Right after Pokemon Go encouraged you to leave the house, Stranger Things encouraged you to stay in. Netflix’s new smash series has transported us back to the 80’s. Packed full of 80’s pop culture references and a soundtrack that will have you reaching for your old cassette tapes, it’s impossible not to start feeling nostalgic. But, all of that is secondary to the most important part of the show…  The title sequence and that font!

Stranger Things expertly demonstrates the power of a good font. The typeface used, ITC Benguiat, sets the tone for the whole show. You can’t help but conjure up memories of chilling 80’s sci-fi films and old Stephen King paperbacks. It psychologically primes you for what’s ahead. The same font has even been used in classic movies like the old Star Trek films. Take a look at the title sequence above and start reminiscing!

Never underestimate the power of a good font.