Pokémon Go… A cultural phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and turned former adults into excitable children at the mere sight of a Pikachu (it has in our office anyway!). What you might not know is that Pikachu and Co could actually be your new best marketing tool. Pokémon Go has been boosting sales across the globe, as a frenzy of people flock to their nearest Pokéstops, in search of rare Pokémon and more Pokéballs! Want to know if your building is a Pokéstop?  You can download the Pokémon Go app for free to find out.

If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and don’t know your Pidgey from your Spearow (shame on you!), here is a great article all about your new favourite marketing tool: Pokémon Go: The Surprise Marketing Tool of 2016.