We have absolutely loved working on this project.

A Casa came to us in need of the full works. They were starting a new estate agents in a town with some big players. They needed a brand that would establish them right away. Hugo from A Casa wanted an image that would embrace his Portuguese background and move away from the more corporate image of an estate agents. This is a family run business and he was keen for this to show in the branding.

Our designer embraced the concept right away and took it to the next level. The aim was to portray the colourful heritage of Madeira and bring in the traditional Santana houses that can be seen on the island (used as the A’s in the logo).

We went on to design their shop fascia, for sale boards, flyers, adverts…the lot!

Check out the new website here: A Casa Estate Agents. You can see more of the work we did for Hugo below.

A Casa went for our Startup Package which covers logo design, website and matching stationery design. If you are interested in starting your own business – get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Contact  hello@designthing.co.uk / 01702 680017